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About Rabbi Lenny Sarko

Rabbi Lenny Sarko, received his smicha (ordination) from the Rabbinical Seminary International in New York City. He holds a B.A. degree from Michigan State University, a M.A. in Jewish Studies from Siegal College, Cleveland, Ohio, a Masters in Education from Ohio State University.

Rabbi Sarko is currently the spiritual leader for Congregation Emanu-El Israel in Greensburg, Pennsylvia. He has been a Jewish educator for over twenty years in a number of schools, synagogues, churches and other locations. His expertise includes subjects such as history, prayer, Jewish holidays, Jewish philosophy, and many other areas. Rabbi Sarko has served as a spiritual leader for a number of congregations in Ohio, as well as providing services for Jewish inmates in correctional institutions.

He is a pioneer in the use of modern media as a tool for Judaic education. He designed a number of online Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs for students, regularly uses video conferencing for teaching those in remote areas and has composed and distributed a series of short stories titled "Modern Midrashim."

Rabbi Sarko is the first person to create a Hebrew Braille Sefer Torah. For for information about this please go to www.devarim.org

Rabbi Sarko is a father of three and a grandfather to four. He currently resides in Jeannette, Pennsylvania with his wife Karen.