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Adult Bar\Bat Mitzvah

There are many adult Jews that never had the opportunity to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Rabbi Sarko can make such a dream come true, regardless of where you live.

The general procedure will be the same as for a younger student. The course of study will be adjusted based on the adult's background and needs. The program will span 20 sessions. Each session will be one hour long and will be completed over six months, in general about one time per week. The day and time will be scheduled so as to be as convenient as possible. The sessions will be over a computer video conference program, like Skype, so we may talk and see each other one on one in real time. There is no cost for the video conference program.

Session Breakdown:

  • Define Judaism
  • Jewish History / Timeline
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Jewish Texts
  • Talmud (1 session)
  • Shabbat Service
  • Parasha review and interpretation
  • Dvar (speech)
  • Jewish Prayer
  • Practice for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Day
  • The end ceremony when the student will read from the Torah can be organized in one of four ways:

    1. Arrange for your own service without involvement by Rabbi Sarko
    2. Conduct the service via video conference at the rabbi's synagogue in Greensburg, Pennsylvania Friday night or Saturday morning
    3. Destination Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Travel to Greensburg, Pennsylvania (outside of Pittsburgh) to the rabbi's synagogue
    4. Rabbi to travel to Bar/Bat Mitzvah local

    The cost will vary depending on the specifics. Rabbi Sarko will quote that after a discussion of what the family will want.

    Learnig materials will be provided to the student.

    For discussion of this program or for any questions please give the rabbi a call at 724-963-0789 or email at rabbi@rabbisarko.org