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Conversion is a formal act undertaken by a non-Jewish person who wishes to be recognized as a full member of the Jewish community. A Jewish conversion is both a religious act and an expression of association with the Jewish people. It is important to understand that a conversion in accordance with a process from one denomination is not a guarantee of recognition by another denomination.

Conversion is not a specific act, course or time frame. The rabbi will work with the person in a variety of ways to move the process along. The conclusion will be based on the point that Rabbi Sarko feels that you have reached a level of understanding and application of Judaism. This is a totally volunteer program. The rabbi will in no way force or require specific actions toward that end. As a general rule of thumb you should anticipate about one year to reach this level. The main reason for the minimum of one year is to assure your understanding of the various Jewish holidays and events that takes place over the course of this time frame. However based on the path the student travels this time frame can be reduced or lengthened.

We will embark on a course of study together. The rabbi will not tell you what and when to learn, but will assist you in moving down the path you choose. You will help decide the path of study and we will take that road together. What time you can apply to this study will go a long way to determine the speed you can finish. We will explore a number of aspects of Judaism. This is a journey, and like any trip there are many ways to travel. The purpose of the study is to allow you to understand the breadth and meaning of Judaism.

The study will include a number of topics. In all cases the study will be framed to understand how it relates to the practice of Judaism. You will have the ability to study more than one topic at one time, and this is advisable to try to reach the ultimate goal in as reasonable a time frame as possible.

    The following are the topics we will cover:
  • History
  • Jewish Texts
  • Holidays
  • Halacha/Minchag
  • Jewish Service/Shabbat
  • Mitzvot
  • Jewish Philosophy
  • Comparative Religion
  • Jewish Life Cycle events
  • Hebrew

    To become a Jew is a significant life choice. To declare yourself a Jew will affect how people will see you, how you will conduct yourself and how you will fit within society. It is a decision you can ultimately only make on your own. A rabbi means to be teacher and he will try to help guide this process and answer what questions you may have. If you are remote from the location of the rabbi, the meetings can take place over an Internet live audio/visual program (this is free software). The frequency of the sessions will be done to meet the needs of the student.

    A conversion program is not a minor choice for either the student or the rabbi. A person should carefully consider their situation prior to taking this step. Please contact the rabbi to discuss your situation.