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The following rates do not include travel reimbursement. For services that require travel outside of the Spring Hill, Florida area some negotiated reimbursement will be applied over and above the service rate. Please note that if a person or group cannot afford to pay the standard rates, Rabbi Sarko will work with the person, family, or group to help control any costs associated with providing services. Some courses of study are done over computer video conferencing programs and do not require travel.

Life Cycle

  • Brit Milah: $350
  • Baby Naming: $350
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training: $750 - course of study 20 sessions
  • Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training: $750 - course of study 20 sessions
  • Wedding: $250 - $500 - (varies based on needs and location)
  • Funeral: $450 plus travel if required
  • Unveiling: $400 plus travel if required

Seminars: The cost of a one day seminars starts at $350. Extras may include textbooks to be distributed to attendees or other material that may be needed depending on the seminar. In most cases these costs can be eliminated. Multiple day seminars have costs negotiated based on the number of sessions and the number of people to attend. Travel costs are also added if required but seminars can be done via video conferencing at no extra charge.

Rabbi Sarko has presented many seminars remotely using live video/audio conferencing. The software for this program is free. This removes all travel costs. Please contact the Rabbi to define needs of the group and he will provide a fixed cost.

Books The book Modern Midrash can be found in paperback or hard cover form. Pricing for the book may be found at the web site:

Modern Midrashim

Rabbi Sarko can also develop text books based on your needs. Please contact him to discuss these needs.