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Rabbi Sarko has developed a number of seminars for both Jewish and non-Jewish groups which he has presented in synagogues, churches, schools, universities and many other public venues. Seminars range from a one hour session to multiple sessions for those that wish for a more in-depth discussion. The rabbi brings an interactive experience combining the use of multimedia tools with traditional lecture and discussion to provide a vibrant learning experience.

Seminar topics include:

  • Hebrew Braille Sefer Torah - A presentation of the wrold's first Hebrew Braille Sefer Torah. Can be done online or in-person. Learn of the history of making this scroll and be shown examples of the scrolls themselves.
  • Jewish Texts - A presentation of Jewish texts in the written (Torah Shebechtav) and oral (Torah Shelbeapeh) traditions. The seminar will explain how they are organized and provide an understanding of the major issues presented by each text.
  • The Gospels Viewed Through the Old Testament - An exploration of the themes,structures and approaches used in the Gospels through the lens of Judaism.
  • The Amidah - A look into the history, meaning and modern application of the Shemoneh Esreh prayers said at each Jewish prayer service.
  • A Jewish Wedding - A presentation of the different aspects of what makes up a Jewish wedding,its history, customs and its laws.
  • Judaism through the Ages - This seminar will describe the different characteristics of Judaism as it has developed throughout history and into the modern day.
  • Jewish Authors - This is a series of in-depth, stand-alone examinations of individual authors. Past presentations include Isaac Balshevis Singer, Sholem Aleichem, Shumel Agnon, Bernard Malamud, Cynthia Ozick, and Allegra Goodman, with many others avaiable. If your group has a particular author in mind, Rabbi Sarko will prepare a discussion accordingly.
  • Judaism 101 -A basic overview of Judaism either for non-Jewish groups with little or no understanding of Judaism or Jewish groups who wish to develop a better understanding of the foundational principles of the religion.
  • The Meaning and History of Midrash - Midrash is a method used for investigation and interpretation of a verse in the Five Books of Moses. It is designed to teach a lesson through the form of a story. Currently as part of his new book promotion, Rabbi Sarko is offering a special seminar on the Meaning and History of Midrash. This seminar is free of charge.

Rabbi Sarko can travel to your location for presentations, or if you are at a long distance he can present seminars as a live webcast.

If you have another topic you would like to explore, or any other questions about seminars, please contact Rabbi Sarko and to discuss the individual needs of your group.