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Secular Weddings

Rabbi Sarko can create a wedding service that includes no religious content or a service that mentions God but is not directed to a particular religion or denomination, for those couples that prefer such an option. He will work with the couple to create something beautiful and meaningful. If the couple or their families have customs that they wish place into these ceremonies, Rabbi Sarko will make sure it is part of the service. There are a number of options Rabbi Lenny will suggest and the resulting service will reflect the ideals expressed by the wedding couple.

Jewish Weddings

Marriage is the creation of a new family. The Hebrew for family is Mishpacha. The Tanach, the Hebrew Bible, is very much about the story of families, or perhaps the better phrase is the importance of family. A wedding is one of the happiest occasions in a persons life. Rabbi Sarko will conduct the wedding ceremony in a way to best meet your needs.

Parameters: Please note that the rabbi will not do a combination service with another officiate. He will marry an interfaith couple - either with a Jewish ceremony or as a secular wedding.

Pre-marriage Meetings: Depending on the age and parameters of the wedding couple, the Rabbi may suggest a few pre-marriage sessions. If the couple is remote from the location of the rabbi this can be done over a live Internet audio-visual program like skype (the software is free).

The primary purpose of pre-marriage counseling is to help a couple determine if they are in fact ready for marriage. Couples usually come to the rabbi with that decision finalized. They come to set the wedding date and make wedding arrangements. The challenge in pre-marriage counseling is to assist the couple in focusing on their relationship instead of the wedding. Clearly pre-marriage counseling differs from marriage counseling. In marriage counseling the rabbi is concerned with improving the marital relationship through problem solving, and providing a sense of hope and resolution to marital difficulties. In pre-marriage counseling the goal is to test the commitments of the couple and lead them to answer questions that will define their relationship both now and into the future. These meetings will also be used to define the items to be included within the marriage ceremony itself.

The Wedding Service

The rabbi will travel to the city in which you would like to have the wedding ceremony. The ceremony will include all the aspects defined in the earlier sessions. Adjustments can be made to the service to meet the needs of the wedding couple. The rabbi will work with the couple to coordinate the needs of the wedding, including an understanding of any local secular laws concerning a marriage license, well prior to the wedding service.

A full explanation of all parts of the service will be discussed with the wedding couple so that they understand the aspects of the service. If requested this explanation can also be provided to family members so that they are also comfortable with the proceedings.