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The death of a loved one often seems confusing in the myriad of details that surround this life cycle event. There are times when local officiates cannot help due to other commitments or issues. Rabbi Sarko can step in and help you through this difficult time.

In Judaism burial takes place as soon as possible, so distance may be an issue if the Rabbi is remote from your location. Please call the rabbi to see if distance may be an problem for your particular situation. It is interesting to note that from Talmudic days, although it was preferable to be buried in a Jewish cemetery, the blessings were directed to the grave itself. If a local Jewish cemetery is not a possibility, the rabbi can offer a set of blessings for the grave site to qualify it as a Jewish burial site.

The following are items of note for a Jewish funeral:

  • Burial should be as soon as possible
  • Deciding which cemetery the burial will take place- date and time
  • The casket should be wood and simple
  • Decide if the family wants to arrange for Shmirah - staying with the body until burial
  • Find out if the funeral home will take care of the Jewish burial preparations or do they need to contact a Hevra Kadisha
  • Decide what the deceased is to be buried in- a white shroud or clothing, with or without a tallit and/or kipa.
  • Does the family need extra support and visits prior to the funeral for the survivors
  • Who will take care of announcing the funeral time and contacting relatives and friends
  • How long and where will shiva take place- is there a family member assigned to arrange for meals, covering of windows, services, etc… Who will supply the shiva service kit?
  • The family can choose to do a separate service at the funeral home, or another location or can do it all at the gravesite.
  • The rabbi will provide a general document detailing the different time frames of mourning and what do to in those time frames to the family.
  • Instead of flowers, please choose a charity the family would like to have people donate to.

    Please contact the rabbi for further information and to go over any details you need to discuss. You can find the different forms of communication on the contact link.